Art and Hope?

I’m an artist…

My name is Elisabeth, I live in this beautiful city called Brisbane. Brisbane is the kind of city that has just the right amount of hustle and bustle with just the right amount of community.

It is Creative, innovative and active there are so many ventures an artist could get involved with, but for me, if its only for arts sake, well its pointless. I want my art to be useful, maybe change someones life, change a community, to bring hope, purpose and liberation to the world around me…do you think that’s possible? Maybe a pipe dream?

Lately I have seen enough bread on the water telling me that there is something powerful, something potentially revolutionary under the surface of what art has been used for in the past and where it is going to go, so lets see, maybe you want to step out on the water with me?

I have created artworks for so many different types of people over the years, and every picture has been like a bridge of connection, its always impacted me the power image has to take us through the door of the visual realm into the still small language of the heart.

Last year I learned about a local charity called New Hope Care, they run a soup kitchen called ‘The Kings Table’ Every Friday morning they head out to the Brisbane shelters and collect men and women young and old, bring them into their church building, where tables are laid out with delicious freshly cooked meals. It is all prepared by a chef so glowing with passion in what he does it would make even the simple of feeds like a banquet. (My Nana used to say the secret ingredient that made her cheese and crackers with tea so good was love, and as corny as it is, its so true). The chef himself was once like the men and women he serves but has found a renewed hope and purpose in life, cooking for the people around the table.

Who are these people? Why are they there?

These are the questions that I want to answer, I want to shine a spotlight on the beautiful people that come to the table, with all their stories, hopes and dreams, their experiences losses and triumphs, people just like you and me, its a journey any one of us could easily have walked, so lets gather around and meet together.

Each week, starting Friday the 16th of March,  I will be heading over to spend time with the amazing volunteers at New Hope Care, and the people who come, Ill be sitting down with willing participants, chatting, sharing a meal and sketching their portrait. I will take some photos to finish off the artworks at home and share the journey as much as I can on here! I hope that you get inspired and that you can join in with your own ability to support the work New Hope Care does too!

For more information about New Hope Care visit –

This Series will be on display at the annual New Hope Care Art Auction, May 26th at The Edge Brisbane City.

Contact me at

To donate to the Kings Table visit




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  1. Totally with you on wanting to create art that, in some small way, changes people’s lives. Sounds like a great project. Look forward to seeing how it progresses.

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