The First Day


So Friday the 16th I spent most of my day with the beautiful people at New Hope care. I was pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm for the project by the clients who came for lunch.

On first hearing that I was wanting to draw portraits, a few of the men seemed quite suspicious! “Why on earth would I want to put their faces in an exhibition,” I suppose they were wondering! One man wanted to be sure I wasn’t going to sell his picture for a profit too! I assured him that I wouldn’t.
Once I explained what the series was about, and how we want to use the portraits to bridge the gap between the charity supporters and the precious people who come and benefit from the work at New Hope Care. Only then I was met with approving glances and eagerness to line up and take part!

My very first portrait was of an absolutely lovely young man , he seemed terribly shy, and didn’t really want to be stared at for a half hour, but when he heard it was to help the fundraiser he jumped to it!

I really loved drawing his portrait, his eyes are kind and soft, his face shows the trials he has been through but his smile shows hope has taken residence in his heart.
Just hearing his story and things he cares about reminded me even more why the service charities like New Hope Care provide are so important.

One life may only be a pebble in a large ocean of need, but I believe these ripples will change the future in ways that we can’t comprehend just yet!




To find out more about New Hope Care or to donate visit

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