“I don’t see what you see.”

That’s what she said when I handed her the quick portrait. Her words struck a chord with me.

Why doesn’t she see herself that way? It’s plain to me, her sparkly eyes, her animated smile and cheeky grin. I see someone who is kind and cares for the hurting people around her, she goes out of her way to care for the undesirable, and often holds her own hurt in for the sake of others. I realised though, that she feels safe to show that part of herself to me, she may not even look at herself that way, but I get to see , and I’m merely drawing the reflection in the mirror for her.

What a privalidge to be able to show someone this is who you are around me, and maybe that’s the truest part of you, the kind, loving, peaceful and open hearted person you are when we are sitting together.

Let me introduce you to my dear friend Ashlea,


To find out more about New Hope Care or to donate visit http://www.newhopecare.org.au

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