A hope and a purpose…

I met Beau a while ago, before I started this project. He is a quiet person, keeps his challenges to himself and always has a word of encouragement to give. His story amazes me, the trials he has had to go through and how he came to find a new sense of purpose and destiny through the church community and New Hope Care.

The name isn’t an accident, people really do find new hope, and Beau is one of those people.

His smile is really warming, and I felt so privaliged to draw his portrait, like John, the more time I spent drawing the details of his face the more his story came alive, peoples faces really do speak, little lines and curves give away a lot about a person.

Im calling Beau’s Portrait  ‘The face of a friend’ because I see a fearless and devoted character in him, a willingness to lay his life down for others so that they can benefit, be safe and find encouragement.

Meet Beau the friend we all wish we had..


To find out more about New Hope Care or to donate visit http://www.newhopecare.org.au

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