You may have seen the quick sketch I did of Nigel the first day, he was the first brave one to come sit with me. I took a bunch of photos of him while we talked and I asked way too many serious questions! So this final drawing was done from one of the photos I took that day.

We actually found out we had met over ten years ago through a friend! Funny world isn’t it, I’d thought his face was familiar but we had never actually sat down and spoken before!

It’s amazing how you could just pass by someone today that you knew a long time ago, especially in Nigel’s case with his beard!

Well Nigel is a very gentle fellow, he shared some dreams about things he would like to do in the future, he shared about his love for God and his faith and how God has helped him through the years. He spoke fondly of the church and the Kings Table and the great place it is. We had a few laughs and a few awkward moments as you do, but in the midst I captured this great smile from Nigel and it’s captured my mind ever since, so please meet Nigel!

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